5 Big Benefits of Our Stand Alone ER Versus a Hospital ER

Medical emergencies can occur at any time. But if the thought of going to the hospital emergency room has you thinking you’d rather manage the issue at home, then you may want to consider visiting us at ER Near Me instead. We have locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

We’re not like your local hospital ER. We promise excellent emergency medical care along with benefits your hospital ER simply can’t provide.

1. Short wait times

One of the primary reasons you may dread going to the hospital ER is the waiting room. You may spend quite a lot of time waiting to get into an exam room and then even more time before you see a doctor.

At ER Near Me, our wait times are so short you may not even have time to take a seat in our welcoming lobby. Then we make sure that as soon as you get into one of our spacious exam rooms, you’re seen as quickly as possible so we can help you feel better fast.

2. Attentive medical care

Things can get pretty lonely at the hospital ER. You may spend a lot of time in your exam room without anyone checking on you. Not at ER Near Me. We make sure we are fully staffed so that you get the attentive medical care you need at all times. Someone is always available to make you more comfortable or answer your questions. We also check in on you fairly regularly while you’re in the exam room to make sure all is well.

And there’s no rush out the door. We don’t send you home until we know you’re ready.

3. State-of-the-art equipment

ER Near Me is a full-service, freestanding ER with state-of-the-art equipment, so we can assess, diagnose, and treat any of your urgent medical needs. We have an on-site lab for bloodwork, equipment for heart monitoring, and a radiology department for imaging. Whether you have chest pain or a blood sugar issue or you think you broke your arm, we can provide the test you need.

And you don’t have to wait hours to get the results. As soon as your test is ordered, it’s completed, and the results are soon to follow.

4. Spacious exam rooms

At ER Near Me we want you to feel like you’re one of the family. We know that the more comfortable you are when receiving care, the better you feel. Our exam rooms are nothing like the exam rooms at the hospital ER. Our rooms are spacious and homey, so there’s plenty of room for you and your visitors.

We also have specially designed rooms for our pediatric patients filled with toys to help them feel comfortable while receiving emergency medical care.

5. Extended care units

Sometimes you need a little extra TLC for an emergency medical issue. To accommodate your extra care needs, we offer extended care units. These rooms are even more luxurious than the exam rooms and come with many comforts of home. We offer these rooms so that you can relax while you continue to get the attentive care you need to feel better. You can stay in these rooms overnight or up to 23 hours.

Emergency medical care doesn’t have to mean waiting hours to be seen and then rushed out the door with a prescription. At ER Near Me, we have taken emergency medical care to the next level. We not only provide expert emergency medicine, but we do it with the extra care and attention you deserve.

For management of any emergency medical matter, call ER Near Me now, book an appointment online, or come to the location nearest you.

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