When dealing with an emergency, illness, or injury, ER Near Me is the best place to go. From broken bones to bronchitis, and everything in between, our expert medical staff welcomes patients with open arms around the clock.

Unlike a traditional hospital emergency room, ER Near Me offers less wait time. This means no crowded lobbies and the ability to receive expert concierge care when you need it most.

Did you know U.S. patients spend an average wait time of 103 minutes waiting for a hospital room? At many locations, the median wait time is 150 minutes, according to an Autoinsurance.org study

Concerningly, 2% of patients leave the hospital without even being seen due to length of wait time. This is not the case at any ER Near Me location. Our wait times are exceedingly shorter and patients are brought back almost immediately upon arrival.

In addition to quicker screening and medical assistance, there are several services you might not realize our facilities have to offer. ER Near Me is a full-service concierge emergency room, meaning it offers the same services as a hospital ER but without many of the unpleasant aspects of bigger hospitals.

Explore some of ER Near Me’s convenient services and treatment options below.

1. On-Site Diagnostic Testing

As a full-service, concierge emergency room, ER Near Me is qualified to handle anything you need, including diagnostic testing. With on-site radiology and imaging, the medical team can quickly and efficiently diagnose injuries and illnesses.

ER Near Me offers various diagnostic options based on your injury, including X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and ultrasound. Once the board-certified physicians and nurses understand the extent of your condition, they recommend the best course of treatment to restore your overall health. You can rest assured that our emergency room staff has several years of experience to recognize the help you may need.

Lacerations & Broken Bones

Did you slice your finger instead of the veggies? Perhaps you broke a bone sliding into home plate when playing ball in your yard? Broken bones and lacerations are two major reasons why adults and children alike end up visiting the ER unexpectedly. 

The medical team at ER Near Me is fully equipped to help diagnose your injuries and treat them quickly. For cuts and open wounds, the team may recommend stitches to prevent infection. If you have a broken or fractured bone, you can receive comprehensive resetting and casting services to ensure your bone heals properly.

Head Pain & Injuries

A traumatic car accident, a big football tackle, and a bad fall while skiing: What do these circumstances have in common? Likely, a head injury that requires immediate medical attention.

With on-site radiology, ER Near Me can quickly diagnose and treat head injuries and monitor you for signs of a concussion. If your injury requires inpatient care or surgery, ER Near Me will directly admit you to a hospital of your choice for further treatment. This ensures you get the proper medical attention you need without delay.

Respiratory Conditions

One of the most common reasons for an emergency room visit is acute bronchitis (for infants) and asthma or pneumonia (for children). Even the flu or common cold can potentially lead to a need for emergency treatment.

Luckily, ER Near Me is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to diagnose a respiratory issue quickly. If they suspect you have bronchitis or pneumonia, the medical team can order a chest X-ray, which they complete on-site to ensure you receive a quick diagnosis.

At ER Near Me, you won’t have to wait for medical attention, unlike typical hospital emergency rooms. The medical staff starts treatment right away to prevent life-threatening complications.

When symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia are severe, you may be admitted to the practice’s observation suite for monitoring.

2. Extended Care Suites

A trip to the emergency room does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. ER Near Me’s top priority is offering expert care, but the medical team also aims to offer patients a home away from home when an emergency strikes.

If extended care is required, overnight accommodations are available in ER Near Me’s observation suites. You can relax and recover in a comfortable, state-of-the-art suite while the staff monitors your condition and overall health. You may need a stay in the suite if you have conditions like:

  • Infection
  • Concussion
  • Open Wound
  • Dehydration
  • Severe Respiratory Condition

Inpatient services for observation are available for 23 hours or less. The modern suite is very comfortable with plenty of room for you to relax and rest.

Observation Suites Stocked With Everything You Need

The observation suites serve as an extension of our concierge services. Each room is carefully decorated to reduce your stress and help you focus on your recovery. Plus, the pediatric care rooms are playfully designed to brighten your child’s stay, including themes like board games, cowboys, and Mario Brothers.

ER Near Me understands that emergencies happen when you least expect it, and you are not always prepared for an extended stay. Therefore, each observation suite includes a variety of amenities and toiletries for patients and their guests.

Seamless Discharge Process

Unlike a hospital stay, your inpatient time in an observation suite ensures you get focused care without admission delays or any unnecessary wait times. 

When you’re ready to be discharged, the staff makes the process easy. If you need additional medical observation, the doctors can directly admit you to the hospital of your choice.

3. Personalized, One-on-One Care

One of the greatest benefits of receiving emergency care at ER Near Me is the attentive and compassionate medical team. 

You don’t have to settle for medical care that feels inadequate. Often, a hospital visit entails a rushed screening and a lack of compassion due to a high volume of patients.

ER Near Me provides personalized medical care like no other. As a concierge emergency room, the medical team’s primary goal is to provide high-quality treatment for your symptoms and make sure you are feeling healthy in no time. Our board-certified physicians and nurses are committed to making your visit stress free and cost-effective.

At ER Near Me, you will receive the one-on-one attention you deserve with efficient and personalized treatment. Wait times are minimal, and patients are never rushed. Our doctors and nurses always ensure you are fully attended to, respected, and heard. When you are ready to be discharged, ER Near Me will arrange any necessary follow-up appointments and will call in all prescriptions to your pharmacy. Additionally, at the physician’s discretion, we will send you home with your first two dosages so that you’re focused on what’s important first. 

For immediate care or to learn more about our emergency room’s excellent services, visit your local ER Near Me in Richardson, Plano, Addison, or Hulen.