There is a common misconception that emergency rooms are costly, time-consuming, and stressful.

While this might be the case depending on your injury or circumstance, it’s definitely not always a negative experience. In fact, an emergency room can be a highly positive, compassionate, and a pleasant visit, especially at ER Near Me.

ER Near Me is a full-service concierge emergency room, meaning it can do everything a hospital ER can do but without many of the unpleasant aspects of bigger hospitals.

According to Dr. Danielle Hansen at ER Near Me in Plano, “When a patient arrives here, they will immediately notice the difference.”

You don’t have to settle for medical care that feels inadequate. In general, hospital visits can be confusing, expensive, lacking compassion due to their high volume.

“ER Near Me provides compassionate, comprehensive, personalized medical care that will exceed all expectations,” Dr. Hansen said. “We are a stand-alone emergency department whose main goal is to radically change the patient’s experience in the emergency room. We know that coming to the ER is anxiety-provoking. We want people to know that we are committed to making the ER visit less stressful, less expensive, and less time-consuming.”

We spoke with Dr. Hansen to get a closer look at ER Near Me. Here’s her take on six of the most significant differences between ER Near Me and a traditional hospital:

1. Emergency Room Wait Times Are Lower

“We have a beautiful facility that is immaculately clean and welcoming. Patients are not forced to sit in a waiting room with crowds of other patients who are ill. Patients are brought back almost immediately upon arrival. We then do a team triage so the patient only tells their story once, and everyone knows the plan of action before leaving the room. This makes the process much more efficient.”

“I think the biggest drawback of the big hospitals is that they are so busy. The wait times are long and the medical staff is often overwhelmed by the volume of patients they must see with limited resources. Patients do not get the one-on-one attention they deserve, and the nurses and doctors are unable to carve out the time they would like to spend with each patient. This is happening throughout medicine and no one likes it.”

“All of my fellow physicians, and most of our nurses at ER Near Me, have worked in those environments in the past and we are all grateful to be here. You will notice the difference in our staff members. We each chose to work here because we want that time with our patients.”

2. Welcoming Environment & Compassionate Staff

“Our entire staff is committed to making each patient feel respected and heard. Most of us have worked in traditional hospitals and we know how challenging it is to ensure a patient’s comfort in overcrowded ERs where everyone is overwhelmed. We never want our patients to feel this way. We spend lots of time listening to their concerns, then we collaborate to develop a plan of care that satisfies everyone.”

3. ER Near Me Physicians Offer Personalized, One-on-One Care

“When the patient feels ready for discharge, our doctor will arrange any necessary follow-up appointments for them, and our nurses will call in all prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy. If the medical condition is more concerning, we can keep the patient in our department for up to 23 hours for close monitoring. This keeps the patient out of the hospital, allows for more personalized one-on-one care, and ultimately saves them money.”

4. No Balance Billing

“One of the biggest differences between ER Near Me and other ERs is that we do not balance bill. If the insurance company only pays 20% of the ER bill, the patient is not responsible for paying the other 80%. We have a special team who will dispute with the insurance carrier on their behalf, then work directly with the patient to develop a reasonable patient contribution. We never want the patient to feel like their ER visit was a huge financial burden.”

5. Equipped to Handle Any Emergency

“We are fully equipped to handle any and all emergencies. Even though we don’t have a hospital attached to our building, we can quickly and easily transfer any patient to a large hospital if they need a higher level of inpatient care or specialty services like a cardiac cath lab. Our physicians all have extensive experience in emergency medicine and are ready to manage whatever walks through the door. We also have a network of specialists who have partnered with our team and are available for consults and referrals.”

6. ER Near Me Offers Excellent Care at a Reasonable Cost

“I think most people assume that the care at a concierge ER is going to be significantly more expensive than a hospital-based ER. I mean, any time you get better, faster, more personalized service, you think you will have to pay more for it. But this is a complete misconception.”

“We have a team that works on the patient’s behalf to get the insurance companies to pay what they should. Our team will then work with each and every patient individually to determine an appropriate and fair patient contribution plan. We want the folks in this community to know they can trust us to provide excellent care at a reasonable cost. We know this did not happen in the past with other free-standing emergency departments, so we hope that patients will give ER Near Me the opportunity to prove it to them.”

If you need immediate care or want to learn more about our excellent facilities, visit your local ER Near Me in Richardson, Plano, Addison, or Hulen.