Which Health and Wellness Apps Should You Download This Year?

The health and wellness industry has boomed in recent years, this past year especially, as it becomes increasingly common for Americans to purchase products and services to improve their health and fitness. In fact, one study found that U.S. adults aged 18 to 65 spend $155 per month on their health and fitness — which is $112,000 in their entire lifetime.

Given the last couple years and the global pandemic, it’s not surprising that health and wellness has become a significant priority for most people. More and more individuals are investing their disposable income on physical and mental wellbeing over fashion or material objects.

This boom has even translated to mobile devices. It is forecasted that there will be 86.3 million users of health or wellness apps in the U.S. in 2022.

With this in mind, which apps should you download? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite health and wellness apps to kick off the new year.

1. Ten Percent Happier App

You’ve likely heard countless reasons to practice meditation to improve your mentality, but do you know why it is so helpful and how it works?

Your brain is powerful; so powerful that it has the ability to reorganize itself. This is important because you can tap into that with meditation, and over time you can positively change the way you think and respond to situations.

One of the biggest benefits of practicing meditation is promoting more positive thoughts and emotions that help you deal with negative ones (stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc.).

The Ten Percent Happier app connects you with mindfulness experts to guide you through the basics of meditation. This app is the perfect option for on-the-go stress relief and offers a podcast with daily meditation tips and tricks.

Want to learn more about the benefits of meditation, plus some daily meditation tips? Check out our blog, Meditation for a More Positive Mind and Life.

2. Sleep Cycle App

Do you struggle to wake up when that alarm goes off in the morning? You might benefit from tracking your sleep cycle. A sleep cycle is composed of both REM and NREM sleep and your circadian rhythm is what regulates how many sleep cycles your body goes through.

Sleep cycles are important because they allow the brain and body to recuperate and develop. Failing to get enough deep sleep (NREM sleep) and REM sleep may explain the significant negative effects you might experience on your thinking, emotions, and physical health. 

This is exactly why doctors and scientists recommend that you get at least seven hours of sleep each night; so that your mind and body can reap the benefits of four to six sleep cycles.

Try using the Sleep Cycle app to track your nightly sleep patterns. The app will help you fall asleep and wake up gently, plus offer tips on getting better sleep at night. Improved sleep quality can reduce your risk of serious diseases and even boost your immune system.

Interested in learning more about researched-based facts about your sleep patterns? Check out our blog, The Complete Guide to Understanding and Getting Better Sleep.

3. Yoga for Beginners App

As mentioned above, the meditation aspect of yoga can positively impact your mental health. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its ability to keep you calm and grounded.

One of the best ways to destress and decompress is to practice a few yoga poses and meditate. Studies have proven the health benefits of yoga, so you can’t go wrong by adding even just 30 minutes of this workout to your daily routine.

We recommend getting a durable, non-slip yoga mat to help you keep your balance during any pose. There are also several health and wellness apps you can try, including the Yoga for Beginners app. It’s currently ranked as the No. 1 free workout app for yoga and offers soothing yoga workouts that are perfect for beginners and pros alike.

4. Mealime App

We’ve all been guilty of saying, “Calories don’t count on my birthday” or “You can’t count calories during the holidays.” But it can be all too easy to make excuses and get sidetracked from eating healthy, leading to obesity and numerous harmful diseases.

The world today is dominated by food; it’s all around us. For most people, your day essentially revolves around food. Luckily, there are many health and wellness apps that can help you stay on track. The Mealime app can make the process of eating healthy much more convenient; it helps you grocery shop for the healthiest ingredients, cook, and meal plan.

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5. Fitness+ App

Did you know that fitness is one of the most widely researched and documented topics on the internet? Exercising is just as important for the mind as it is the body, which is why we recommend downloading a fitness app to help you stay on track each day.

Exclusively for Apple Watch users, the Fitness+ app offers 11 workout types, including pilates, yoga, strength, HIIT, and walking. Now, you can stay motivated with new workouts added every week, guided meditation, and real-time metrics like your heart rate.

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Health and Wellness Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals

From managing your sleep cycle to tracking your wellbeing, there are no shortage of health and wellness apps for you to try this year. Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to run a marathon or simply just to stay healthy, these apps (among hundreds of others) can help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Want a quick list of even more health and wellness apps you can try this year? Download our free PDF of 10 Apps Your Health Will Thank You for Downloading.

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