Pediatric Care

Highest-Quality Pediatric Care With Little to No Wait Time

Your child’s health and well-being is precious and no one knows that better than the pediatric care team at ER Near Me. Our facility is here to provide the highest-quality concierge services and treatment for children of all ages. From infections and illnesses to broken bones and respiratory conditions, our medical team is specially trained in pediatrics and ready to help.

Safe, Clean, and Comprehensive Pediatric ER Services

Safe, Clean, and
Comprehensive Pediatric
ER Services

At ER Near Me, our top priority is ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your child, and it all starts with our immaculately clean facility and our  riendly and experienced staff. We take extra precautions to mitigate the spread of illness and patients are provided care almost immediately upon arrival so you and your child will never have to sit in a waiting room with crowds of other patients who are ill.

Personalized Pediatric
Care in a Welcoming

One of the greatest benefits of receiving emergency care at ER Near Me is the attentive and compassionate medical team. ER Near Me provides personalized medical care like no other. From the moment you walk into an ER Near Me facility, our expert medical team works to ensure your child receives the highest level of pediatric care in a welcoming environment.

No matter the injury or illness, each member of ER Near Me’s team is ready and equipped to provide the concierge pediatric care your child deserves. Our emergency room features state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment, including a full clinical laboratory, X-ray, CT scanner, and ultrasound machine.

Personalized Pediatric Care in a Welcoming Environment

Playfully Designed Pediatric Care Suites

Depending on your child’s illness or injury requires additional care, we offer extended treatment in our observation suites for up to 23 hours. You can expect a comfortable, spacious environment and the full attention of our staff as your child recovers.

At ER Near Me, our goal is to brighten your child’s spirits to ensure a quicker recovery. This is why each pediatric care suite is carefully decorated and playfully designed to reduce your child’s stress, including themes like board games, cowboys, and Mario Brothers.

Free At-Home Activities to Engage
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We know that coming up with creative activities to engage, educate, and inspire your kids to learn is challenging. From staying fit at home with fun exercises to problem-solving brain games, we continually update this page with unique activities and free downloads for all ages.

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