Think You Have COVID-19? We Can Help!

On-Site Testing With Same-Day Results Available Now!


With shorter wait times, ER Near Me can provide you with rapid COVID-19 testing and treatment today. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, visit ER Near Me for evaluation, located at 15767 Coit Road

ER Near Me in Richardson is a Full-Service, Concierge Emergency Room

Our Facilities Are Equipped and Qualified to Handle Testing and Treatment for COVID-19

Get Tested for Covid-19 at ER Near Me Richardson, Texas

With less waiting time, you can be tested quickly and receive your results during your emergency room visit.

Get Tested for Covid-19 at ER Near Me, Texas

ER Near Me can also provide treatment for symptoms regardless of the diagnosis.

Get Tested for Covid-19 at ER Near Me, Texas

With fewer patients, your risk for exposure in our facility is lower than a traditional hospital.

If you are in an emergency visit your local ER Near Me

Experiencing a medical emergency? Avoiding treatment puts you at higher risk of complications than any risk you’ll face of catching the virus at your local ER Near Me.

All patients are evaluated and tested by an emergency room physician and registered nurse. You can rest assured that our emergency room staff have several years of experience to test you safely and recognize the help you may need.

COVID-19 Resources

  • For important COVID-19 updates, a symptoms list, and information on vaccines, visit the CDC website.
  • For information on what to expect for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, check out this CDC resource page
  • For print resources on mask safety, student tools, tips for parents, contact tracing, and preventative steps for higher-risk individuals view the CDC Print Resources Page.
  • For COVID-19 testing locations in Texas, visit Lab Testing Near Me.


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