What Every Parent Should Know About Head Injuries

Every year, thousands of children experience head injuries playing sports, in car accidents, or going about other everyday activities. Fortunately, nine out of ten of these injuries end up being minor. However, more severe head injuries carry serious risks.

Our doctors at ER Near Me see many children who’ve had head trauma resulting from bumps, falls, and accidents. In case your child hurts his or her head, it’s important to know when to seek emergency treatment.

Preventing head injuries

It’s not possible to prevent all childhood head injuries, but you can take precautions to reduce your child’s risk. With infants and toddlers, make your home safer by removing any objects with sharp edges or that might fall on your child. Avoid putting your young child on a high surface without supervision.

Car accidents are a common cause of childhood head injuries. Depending on your child’s age, always make sure you properly secure him or her in a car seat or seat belt.

If your child plays sports, make sure he or she always wears the proper safety gear, including a helmet when needed. Get the equipment fitted by a trained professional.

What to do immediately after your child’s head injury

Even when you take every precaution, accidents happen. You’ll want to talk to a doctor after any head injuries occur, even if they appear minor. Even if your child doesn’t have a visible cut, bruise, or scrape, it’s possible they’ve experienced an internal head injury, such as a concussion.

If your child has no visible injury and is responsive, alert, and can move his or her body normally, start out by contacting our urgent care clinic. You’ll need to be prepared to answer the doctor’s questions about the injury.

For example, our doctors will ask you questions like how your child got injured, the appearance of the injury, and your child’s level of responsiveness. Depending on your answers, we’ll give you at-home-care instructions, schedule an urgent care appointment to evaluate your child, or instruct you to immediately bring your child to our emergency room.

When to seek emergency care

In some cases, you’ll need to take your child directly to our emergency room doctors without contacting our urgent care services first. You should go directly to the emergency room if your child shows signs of a more severe injury.

If your child becomes unconscious, is bleeding heavily from the head injury, reports dizziness or nausea, appears confused and unable to remember familiar names or places, or becomes unconscious, you need to seek out immediate emergency care.

Other symptoms that indicate you need to take your child to our emergency room include your child having difficulty walking or moving parts of the body, sudden blurry or double vision, and seizures.

When you arrive, our team of emergency room doctors will evaluate your child immediately to determine appropriate treatment.

Monitoring your child after a head injury

The vast majority of children who experience head trauma make a full recovery. To ensure your child makes a full recovery, we might ask you to monitor your child carefully for 24 to 48 hours at home after we discharge him or her from urgent care or the emergency room.

Close monitoring includes watching your child for symptoms such as increased confusion, vomiting, and other general symptoms of worsening health. We might ask you to wake your child up every 2-3 hours at night to ensure he or she responds to and answers questions normally.

If your child injures his or her head, don’t wait to seek out medical help, even if the injury appears minor. Our experienced urgent care pediatricians and emergency medicine doctors at ER Near Me treat young people who’ve experienced head trauma in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, in our private urgent care and emergency room.

Unlike most urgent and emergency facilities, we see your child immediately, even if you don’t have an appointment. Our state of the art facilities and medical equipment ensure you and your child will receive support and care in a comfortable environment.

To make an appointment with our pediatric urgent care services, contact us at our location most convenient to you.

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